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Universal Terra Luna Resort – Pool

Universal Terra Luna Resort is so much more than just a place to sleep; it offers a variety of incredible amenities for guests to kick back and enjoy dedicated resort days just as much as theme park days. The hotel’s nearly 10,000 square foot resort-style pool features a relaxing hot tub, comfortable lounge and table-top seating in the pool area, a firepit and more. Plus, the whole family can enjoy the resort’s recreational activities like poolside movies and outdoor games.

Terra Luna Resort, opening February 25, 2025, represents another world within Universal Orlando – inviting guests to explore the unknown and step onto planets that have yet to be discovered. This alluring hotel places guests in the center of diverse planetary elements for an experience unlike anywhere else in the universe – complete with tranquil sleeping accommodations, entertaining amenities for the whole family to enjoy, various cosmic-inspired dining options and so much more.

Terra Luna Resort is adjacent to Universal Epic Universe and just minutes away from the existing Universal Orlando theme parks. More details about Terra Luna Resort will be revealed in the months ahead.