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Universal Orlando Resort Creates The Most Advanced Stunt Show Yet With The Bourne Stuntacular

Guests Can Experience the Action-Packed World of Jason Bourne in a Stunt Show that Combines Incredible Stunts, Cutting-Edge Technology and Practical Effects

Universal Orlando Resort is home to the most technologically-advanced stunt show yet: The Bourne Stuntacular, located at Universal Studios Florida. Through the use of live performers, ground-breaking technology, extreme stunts and captivating practical effects, guests are fully immersed in the world of Jason Bourne – blurring the lines between stage and cinema in a hybrid form of entertainment that has never been seen before.

The first-of-its-kind stunt show is inspired by Universal Pictures’ blockbuster Bourne film franchise and delivers an all-new, original storyline that takes place within the Bourne universe. Plus, exclusively for The Bourne Stuntacular, Julia Stiles reprises her role as Jason Bourne’s main confidant in the franchise, Nicky Parsons, and Frank Marshall, award-winning director and producer, worked closely with the Universal Orlando team to help create an authentic experience fans of the franchise can enjoy.

“It was so rewarding to work closely with the Universal Orlando team to create an experience that is authentic to the Bourne films,” said Marshall, Producer of the Bourne franchise. “After watching the show several times and providing the team with creative input, I can truly say The Bourne Stuntacular not only stays true to the essence of the films, but also delivers next-level action that will make guests feel like they are by Jason Bourne’s side.”

The Bourne Stuntacular introduces an all-new level of entertainment, highlighted by:

  • The most advanced technology of its kind – such as automated vehicle tracking systems on moving set pieces, pinpoint-accurate projection mapping, ultra-vivid visuals and more – that brings the Bourne films to life in an all-new, visceral stunt show right in front of guests’ eyes.
  • An immense LED screen measuring 3,640-square feet at 130-feet wide and 28-feet tall – creating one of the largest structures ever built for a Universal show – a lift sitting beneath the stage measuring nearly 20 feet wide.
  • Next-level, extreme stunts, including two high free-falls, executed by performers who trained for more than eight months with Hollywood’s leading stunt experts from blockbuster film and television.
  • Captivating practical effects that make guests feel like they are right by Jason Bourne’s side through the use of fire, smoke and wind, plus eight moving set pieces that range from a three-wheeled motorcycle, a tower in a Tangier marketplace and the front entrance of a grand mansion.
  • Nicky Parsons, played by Julia Stiles, briefing and recruiting guests for the mission at hand, which is to keep an eye on Bourne to ensure he’s not fooled by rogue double agents.
  • An all-new storyline that follows the character of Jason Bourne as he travels across three continents and the cities of Tangier, Washington, D.C. and Dubai to uncover classified information while trying to evade danger and capture at every turn.
  • Actual props, images and clips from the films – including the car from the iconic chase scene in The Bourne Identity, and Jason’s go-to form of transportation in The Bourne Ultimatum, his motorcycle – that pay homage to the Bourne films as guests walk through the queue.

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